Parliamentary Candidate James Fredrickson challenges Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to back ‘huge tree planting programme’

Oxford West & Abingdon Conservative Parliamentary candidate James Fredrickson has challenged both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to commit to drastically increasing tree coverage across the United Kingdom.

James’s challenge follows Friends of the Earth launching a national campaign to double tree cover in the UK by 2045.

James said “Recent discussion about tackling climate change has focused on which councils are declaring a climate emergency and which aren’t. Whilst that has been extremely helpful, I would like to see the debate move on to discussing the practical policies we can pursue to improve air quality and tackle our carbon footprint.

One pragmatic, achievable way of doing that would be to double our tree coverage. This isn’t a novel idea, Denmark committed to the same policy back in 1989. Whilst there would need to be careful consideration of how this was administered, the policy principle is simple. It could, I hope, be the start of a proposal that could see support across all political parties.

Given that there is so much public dissatisfaction with partisan political infighting, a policy like this could be a welcome opportunity to see cross party collaboration to tackle a critical issue”

James will be putting his challenge to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt at a Conservative Party Leadership hustings event next week.