MP Candidate James Fredrickson tackles Bad Broadband for ‘new build’ sites.

Oxford West & Abingdon Conservative Parliamentary candidate James Fredrickson is working with South Abingdon residents to deliver improved digital connectivity in their newly built homes.

The campaign comes after residents in the King Street estate in Caldecott contacted James and their Vale of White Horse ward councillor Alice Badcock, complaining about poor broadband in their new build homes.

Whilst newly introduced planning rules mean that most new build homes must now come with good quality broadband connections, new build sites developed before this legislation have sometimes been overlooked, resulting in connectivity that wouldn’t meet most basic needs.

James said “Through my own career in the digital tech industry, I’ve seen first-hand how good quality connectivity is increasingly critical to everyday life. It is then appalling that good quality broadband has not been provided in some multi-unit new build sites.

Whilst the Government has done well to change planning law to make this a thing of the past, it is incumbent on network operators to revisit sites that were built just before this legislation changed, like here in King Street.”

James has raised the issue with BT Openreach, requesting that they prioritise upgrading the estate as soon as possible and is hopeful a positive outcome will be delivered soon.

James also asks other residents that suffer from poor broadband connectivity to contact him on so he can work to improve this vital service for residents elsewhere in the constituency.