Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis MP visits Abingdon in final week of campaigning.

Brandon Lewis went out campaigning with local candidates and activists in Abingdon, ahead of the Vale of White Horse elections next week and heard first hand the views of local residents of their local Council.

Following his visit, Brandon Lewis said: “The Conservative councillors here have an impressive record of delivery - from giving residents two hours' free car parking and a new cinema, to supporting local businesses and delivering one of the best recycling rates in the country.

This is local government at its best, focused on the needs of its community and enhancing the quality of life residents value so highly. It is no surprise that the Council has achieved a 79% satisfaction rating from its residents.”

Cllr Alice Badcock said “It was a real pleasure to welcome Brandon Lewis to Caldicott, to tell him about the significant achievements Conservative councillors have delivered for Abingdon over the last four years and the ambitious plans we have for the future.  It was also great to spend time campaigning with the Party Chairman where he had an opportunity to hear at first hand the views of local residents.”

Mike Badcock added “Thursday’s elections are about important and valued  services delivered by Conservative Councils.  Residents care passionately about the future of their communities and locally Conservatives have a record they canbe proud of but more importantly have a positive vison about what needs to be done to address the challenges of the future."