Conservative Parliamentary Candidate meets Prime Minister to ask for protection of North Oxford Greenbelt

James Fredrickson, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, has met with the Prime Minister to ask that the Government consider intervening to protect Greenfield sites from being allocated for housing.

During the Conservative leadership campaign, Boris Johnson stated that whilst the UK needs to build more houses, this should not be at the cost of our Greenbelt. Instead, he proposed that underutilised brownfield sites should be prioritised for new housing ahead of greenfield and Greenbelt development1.

Speaking after the meeting, James Fredrickson said;

“Boris was right to say that brownfield sites should be prioritised for new housing so that we can better protect our countryside. Now he is in no.10, I wanted to give him an example of where his policy could be really helpful.

In and around the ‘Kidlington gap’, multiple greenbelt sites are proposed for housing development, as Cherwell Council has been forced to allocate sites for 4,400 new homes to meet Oxford City Council’s assessment of the City’s ‘unmet housing need’. Yet Oxford City Council itself continues to reserve underutilised brownfield sites for employment.

A simple change in this policy alone could mean our Greenbelt can be protected for future generations, whilst still delivering new housing in sustainable locations.
Given that this matches up with the Prime Minister’s view, I’ve asked that the Government consider intervening.”




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