My Plan

  • Protecting our environment and stopping the Expressway

    On 20 November 2019, James hosted Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, following campaigning to stop the expressway proposals and ask that Government instead focus investment in pre-existing roads, like the A34, as well as in East/West rail and cycling facilities.

  • Reviving our town centres and high streets

    In 2011 free two-hour town centre car parking was introduced in large parts of this constituency by the Conservative administration at the Vale of White Horse Council, which along with grants provided by central government, have helped to reverse declining footfall in Abingdon.

  • Fixing the A34

    Safety concerns with the A34 have been the local issue most frequently raised with me. We all know the road is critical to our local economy, yet the extremely short slip road junctions mean the road has a high frequency of accidents.

  • Standing up for liberal democracy

    In the Brexit referendum, James voted to Remain and campaigned all over the country with the ‘Stronger In’ campaign. During the campaign, James made it clear that whatever  the democratic outcome was, it should be respected.

  • Future proofing critical infrastructure

    James’s background is in digital technology and he’s seen first hand how improved connectivity, both physical and digital, can create new opportunities, protect our environment and tackle social isolation.

  • Championing outstanding mental health services

    Technology, when used constructively is often a phenomenal force for good. Yet, alongside the opportunities comes a responsibility to get better at managing the risks and harms that the misuse of technology poses for some people – particularly on our children and young people.