Getting the A34 Moving

Since being selected as the PPC for Oxford West and Abingdon, improving the A34 has been the local topic most frequently brought up with me.

We all know that the road is critical to our local economy; you only have to see the chaos across the region on a day when the road is partially closed. The frequency of accidents, often caused by short slip roads, is obviously unacceptable. Successive Transport Ministers have visited the constituency, not only to see at first-hand the congestion along the route, but to discuss a long-term solution for the road and identify the monies needed for the improvements.

Since starting this campaign back in 2010, our local conservative team have secured improvements at the following pinch-point junctions:

  • Chiltern Interchange
  • The Milton roundabout
  • Junction 9 of the M40
  • The Marcham junction
  • The Kennington roundabout, and
  • Road signage improvements along the route

The work has not stopped there – further improvements to the road’s safety and congestion management are scheduled for delivery in 2019, as part of the Government’s £50 million investment into improving the road. I am working to ensure that these improvements are delivered without delay, and meet our the leader of Oxfordshire County Council every month to review progress on this project.

Live updates on this planned work can be found here:

Crucially, Nicola Blackwood MP (2010 – 2017) secured funding for a full diamond interchange at the Lodge Hill junction (North Abingdon). This will put an end to North Abingdon commuters having to travel through the town centre to head south on the A34 and will significantly reduce congestion in the town at peak times. With £10 million funding confirmed through the Government’s Local Growth Fund, backed by the Conservative Oxfordshire County Council and the Oxfordshire LEP, I’m now working hard to turn this funding into safer, more effective infrastructure.

How can you help?

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