Championing outstanding mental health services

Technology, when used constructively is often a phenomenal force for good. Yet, alongside the opportunities comes a responsibility to get better at managing the risks and harms that the misuse of technology poses for some people – particularly on our children and young people.

It is not acceptable that children are bullied, exploited, or harmed in anyway through the use of technology – and as technology becomes more meshed into our lives, our diligence in reducing risks and mitigating harms must intensify.

Locally, we have fantastic groups working hard to address this challenge. Our local Conservative team recently nominated ‘Abingdon Bridge’ for for the Queens Choice award. James is also working with the Abingdon Bridge to share their experience and knowledge of supporting students with mental health issues with Government policy makers. You can find out more about the Abingdon Bridge here:

You can read more about James’s work and campaigns in this area at: