About James Fredrickson

I’m James, and I’m standing to be your Conservative MP. I live in Radley with my fiancée Lucy and work for an Abingdon based digital technology company.

In this constituency, we have organisations at the forefront of innovation in AI, connected care and electrical engineering. I would love to be the MP working to support them in bringing these innovations to those they can help most.

My career so far has been digital tech, an industry I chose because I believe it can radically improve and empower our quality of life. Starting at Vodafone in Newbury, I’ve been working in the Thames Valley Telecoms industry for over seven years.

The Thames Valley is also where I took my first steps in public service, by volunteering at a parish council to ork on improving the link between local mental health services and the NHS, so as to cut the time it took for young people to receive support.

It would be my privilege use this experience in serving as your local MP.

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